Important Chilean Holiday Notice:

For the nine days commencing September 16 thru September 24, Chileans will be celebrating Fiestas Patrias, or Chilean Independence. While the TeachingChile staff will be working for many of these days to answer your email and telephone inquiries, all of the contacts in our network of schools will not be at work and/or working in a very limited capacity.

Thus, if you have already submitted an application and it is currently under review by one or more of these schools, there will be no advancement of your placement evaluation during this festive holiday period.

On the other hand, if you have not yet applied, we do encourage you to submit your application online during this Chilean holiday time frame as schools will start the review process shortly afterward.

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Chile's schools, universities, professional institutes and businesses are hungry for native English speakers seeking TEFL jobs / TESOL jobs.

If teaching English abroad is your desire, Chile offers exciting and rewarding opportunities. Schools in our network are not seeking volunteers. Teachers are paid full salary directly from the school.

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